We are a NONPROFIT dedicated to creating more jobs in Hunterdon County by solving many of the challenges of selling products online.   

Established Business

Selling online is very hard because it requires more expertise and scale then most small businesses can achieve alone. Thus Cottage2Cloud creates a community that works together and shares critical resources so that every member can sell more product together then they could attempting to sell alone.  

Helping launch New Business

Cottage2Cloud's 501c Mission is to educate people how to conduct offline/online retail transactions. Thus we exist to help you launch new products and businesses. Our aim is to allow you to focus on creating great products, while we do the heavy lifting selling them in the cloud.  We continue till support until your company is large enough to do it all alone. Our goal is to help turn your product into a company that will create more jobs located in Hunterdon County, NJ. 

I thought if I had a great product I could Just sell it. There just aren't enough hours in the day to Make it, Market it, Sell It, Package It, Ship it, Bill it, and everything else required to successfully sell online. 

- Rome

We started to have success selling online, but overtime it has gotten harder and harder to stay even. We just can't compete alone our same budgets just don't get the same results because we don't have scale.  

- James

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